ESET Rip and Replace Service

Let us handle the transition.

You want a smarter, faster, customizable antivirus solution.

ESET Rip and Replace Service removes the risks and worries out of migrating to ESET. It smoothly replaces your existing antivirus solution with your customized ESET installation. All the workarounds, hassles and performance issues plaguing your old system just melt away.

Legacy antivirus clients with password protection won't slow us down. Your end users will experience no interruptions to protection or productivity-killing reboots. And because we do the work for you, your IT staff won't have to work the weekend to get it done. You can even get a management report to the track progress of the migration.

Opt for ESET.

Note: Rip and Replace Service is currently available in the US and Canada only.

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  • Specialized tools
  • Customized transition plan
  • Free technical consultation
  • Accounting and reporting


  • Migration done right the first time
  • Saves time and money
  • Low impact on end users
  • Measurable ROI